“Pepper Potts” and I decided to go out for dinner after watching a movie on Friday night.  The problem with going out to dinner with “Pepper Potts” is that I always have to decide where to eat and as she is participating in a Biggest Loser competition at work it has been slightly difficult to pick where to go.

So I decided to check my Entertainment Book app and as we were in Upper Cuba street I decided to try Saigon Van Grill Bar.  I was hesitant to actually try this place as mainly due to unsuccessful restaurants that have been here before Saigon but I thought why not.

Combination Rolls


I thought this entree looked very nice as you get a combination of Vietnamese spring rolls.  You got, two crispy Spring rolls, two Prawn and two shredded pork fresh rolls with a nice dipping sauce.  Firstly I have to comment on hw fresh these were.  They were good!  The shredded pork and the prawn were very nice with a good amount of filling and herbs.  They also bought over their chilli sauce for me to try and it was nice and hot.  The dipping sauce was also very nice and you got a good amount of it as well, which was good.  The spring rolls were a lot smaller than the fresh ones, but also tasted very nice



So this bun was served with vermicelli rice noodles, served with fresh lettuce, mints, carrots and fried shallots with grilled pork belly and crispy spring rolls.  It is usually served with peanuts but I asked it without it as I have an allergic reaction to it.  Unfortunately the picture was how it was first served (I actually forgot to take a photo because I was so hungry, because the first time they bought be the dish it has peanuts on it).  Also with the dish you have a sauce that you pour or the Bun.  Overall it was very nice and well presented.  Very flavoursome and pork and spring rolls were cooked very well.

Overall very nice place to eat “Pepper Potts” had the Marinated Salmon and Spicy Beef Salad.  I tired the salmon and it was cooked beautifully and tasted very nice.  The service here was very good and the decor was very nice.  They were very apologetic when my Bun had peanuts on it and replaced in a timely manner.  Will I go back, I will definitely as I would really like to try their Pho.

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