This is the third time I have been to Egmont St Earery since it opened six months ago. It has been well received by Wellingtonians and got it’s first award by winning the Best Burger award for this years Wellington on a Plate Burger Challenge. I did not have the chance to eat at Egmont St during Welllinton on a Plate even though I tried, but they are closed on Mondays. However, as they won, it has been put back on their menu, which I presume is for a short time.

Cheese, Beats and Meat

Primestar’s aged beef patty with smoked beetroot relish, fried pickled onions and housemade Jack cheese blend in a fresh steamed bun – all housemade

This was a really nice burger.  Firstly the bun was baked then steamed and then the inside was slightly grilled (I think). This made the bun really moist, soft and the sauce did not soak too much into the bun. The filling was really nice with the patty and the smoked beetroot relish. A nice crunch came from the pickled onion and overall everything worked very well.


Knowing that this burger was the winner I was disappointed. There were no fries,chips or anything else on the plate to eat, you had to order the extras.  Also for the price of the burger I felt was a bit expensive. I felt that I had tried some nicer burgers than this one like the burger from Charlie Noble & Grill Meats Beer, but I suppose it depends on who cooked better on the judging night.