I have been here several times and never really written about it.  It is one of the best places to get Chinese in Wellington.  The reason I am blogging about it is because I finally tried their laksa and as I am on a quest to find the best laksa I decided to blog about it.

Curry Laksa

First off this serving is massive. The laksa and noodles come in a very big bowl. A great place for a cheap and eat place. The laksa was very nice and had a nice coconut flavour from the coconut milk. However, it was not too creamy. The laksa was more shrimp based but did not have enough chilli for my liking. The egg noodles were more Chinese egg noodle based and a bit more chewier in texture. The seafood was mixed between fresh and frozen and there were nice chicken pieces add to the laksa.


Salt pepper squid
One of my favourite dishes. Fresh squid with great seasoning and chilli. This time the squid was slightly undercooked and as were the onions but still a great dish.


This place does a lot of different dishes and can be scary.  Good dishes to try are; Chicken and Salted fish fried rice, Roast duck and roast pork on rice, deep fried squid, map tofu, char keow teow, and wonton soup with bbq pork and rice noodles to try a few.