Went stag on this one.  Everyone had been talking about this burger, so I decided to try and it let it be my last.  Ti Kouka won the burger in 2013.  I tried their burger last year and was not overly impressed.  However, I thought I would try this year’s one.  I arrived just before 11am on Saturday and this place was already busy with people waiting for a table.  As I was by myself, I managed to get a set on their high table, which I found strange as you could sit at least six to eight people on there and I was the only one.


Slow roasted bourbon glazed Longbush pork shoulder, ginger ale bacon, apple, smoked BBQ mayonnaise in a Leeds Street Bakery grilled bun with hot sauce, crackling and pickles

A great burger. Loved the different elements. The bun was very nice as it used flatbread. I had heard that Leed St Bakery made the dough but the bun was made at Ti Kouka.  The flatbread was great and crisp crust. Also the pickles were good and was interesting to see chilli oil as the hot sauce and pork crackling which you can add to the burger yourself. The Bacon was very nice and flavoursome, the pulled pork was slightly sweet but had a goof flavour and then you add the apples and it is an overall good burger.


Even though the burger was very good it was not very filling.  The problem here is that you only get the burger and nothing else. There was not any fries, no potato chips, nor corn chips.  So you had to fork out an expensive $9 for hand cut chips.  I did not like this and even though I would of voted this burger as a 10 out of 10, I gave gave it a 9 because of this.