“Phoebe” and “Voltron” wanted to try this Grilled Cheese place out and I was happy to oblige. It is not far from where they live in China Town so we walked up to it. I have only had a Grilled Cheese a few times with me making the best ones I have had, so I was more than happy to give it a try.

Grilled three cheese sandwich with truffle oil


So I added the truffle oil to my grilled cheese as I love truffle oil. The grilled cheese was of good size and also came with three different types of olives on the side, which was nice. The grilled cheese was crisp and overall was not bad. I couldn’t really taste the different cheeses in the sandwich but I could taste and smell the truffle oil which was nice and fragrant

Onion Rings


These were good onion rings and I do find it hard to find onion rings especially in NZ. They were crisp, not over cooked and the onion inside was soft.

Sweet Potato totes
These were actually nice. I have never tried or thought of using sweet potato and making totes out of them. Celt seasoned and crisp.

“Phoebe” and “Voltron” had the gluten free option with their grilled cheese They thought it was alright but they are glad they tried the place but they do not think they will come back. For me it was good but I would not rave about it. If you are visiting to NYC try something else unless you are typically looking for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Website; Cheese Grille