Even though I have been to Shake Shack numerous times and have reviewed it I wanted to go again and also have a refresh perspective as I want to compare it to Five Guys and In and Out Burger. I decided to go to the less busy Shack Shake in Grand Central Station.

Smokey Shake


First impression is that it is small in size, compared to basically everything else served in the USA. However, the taste was very nice and are have to say very natural. Everything tastes like it should without anything masking the taste. The bacon was nice, smokey and crispy. The patty tasted like it should with some crunch from the grill. Everything else was good and the cherry peppers had a good kick to it. Overall a very good burger.

Cheese Fries

A very American dish. Yellow cheese and crinkle fries. Nothing really tastes natural here but no one side that unnatural food shouldn’t taste bad. Really just your typical cheese fries

German Chocolate Walnut Concrete

Chocolate frozen custard with coconut walnut caramel and chocolate truffle cookie dough.
This is a special to celebrate Octoberfest. Even thought looks bad and not very presentable it is actually not bad. Has a good amount of coconut and also has a good amount of walnuts and good sized pieces. Overall not bad. Would I order it again. Not really.

In terms of comparing this burger to Five Guys. It is a hard one. You get a lot more extras in your burgers at Five Guys, so if you want more “bang for your buck” Five Guys is the place. In terms of freshness and quality Shake Shack takes the cup home. Overall I think Shake Shack is the winner at the moment.

Website; Shake Shack