Being back in New York on a dropping NZD is not very cool. So I have resorted to more cheap eats than going out to restaurants. I have discovered Yelp and found their top list for cheap eats, so I have decided to work through the list.  I am lucky that I have some locals I can ask about the list as some of these places are a bit dodgy and have closed or are closed due to rodents and other disgusting things. So here I am at Bánh Mì Saigon Bakery.

Bánh Mì cha – ham & pâté


Wow what a Bánh Mì. There is heaps of pickled carrot,  turnip, lots of coriander and quite a few slices of pork with a good spread of pate. Two think slices of cucumber and a green pepper which I suspect is a jalapeño. That gives you a kick a few seconds after earring it. The roll is fresh and grilled to make the roll crisp. Plus there are two rolls which are cut in half

This is far the best Bánh Mì I have had. I will need to come back. However my friends have told of another place that sells good Bahn mi. So I will try that place in the next few days.

Website; Bánh Mì Saigon