I am back in New York City and my cousin “Phoebe” asked me where I wanted to go for dinner, I suggested somewhere in Eatly and so she booked Manzo for a party of six. Some background about Eatly, it is a huge Italian grocer with different restaurants inside, offering different types of Italian food. Manzo is more of a pasta restaurant offering freshly made pasta.


Housemade Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomato & Basil


Really nice and fresh. Very refreshing with a good amount of olive oil. Simple and simply delicious.

Prosciutto e Melone

Prosciutto di San Daniele DOK Dall’Ava & Summer Melons


Very nice. Lovely cured meat with melon. Again simple but what else can you say about simple delicious dish.


Housemade Cavatelli, Braised Colorado Lamb, Spring Onion, Asparagus & Lavender Butter


Not really want I expected as I asked what type of pasta it was. The waitress explained it as an inside out shell. However when I saw it, it looked more of a think worm, but I suppose you cannot describe it like that. However, the pasta was cooked beautifully and the lamb tasted nice but in rather small pieces and slightly on the salty side. It was recommended we taste the food first before we ask for cheese or add salt and pepper. I only ended adding the pepper. Overall was a nice dish, nice buttery taste and well sized, but small pieces of lamb and hard to see the asparagus.

Linguine di Gragnano

Afeltra Linguine, Poached Maine Lobster, Tomato & Fresh Basil

“Mama Bear”. Had this and could not finish it to my benefit. Was very nice and better than mine.

Overall a very nice dinner and dinning experience. You got free bread which is typical and we also got an Amuse Bouche of soaked break with some tomato and other stuff and some white cheese which was very nice.

Website; Manzo