“Momma Bear” wanted to go try the famous Rueben at Katz Delicatessen, but was scared that she could not eat the whole thing. So “Aunty May”, “Phoebe” and I followed along. We went around 1 pm and it was busy. “Momma Bear” opted for table service as she did not want to fight with everyone to get their order and then to fight to get a table.

Half Rueben


I ordered a half Rueben with pastrami and corned beef with a matzo soup. It was so good with a good amount of cheese meeting over my meat. I love the Rueben here as it has a good amount of sauerkraut and Russian sauce.  It has a good tangy to it and so flavorsum.

Matzo Soup


I have never tried this before and had no idea what to expect. The Matzo was this huge ball of bread, egg, water and fast and the soup is chicken based. The soup is, clear but the matzo ball makes the dish to dense for me. I was not really a fan of it.

Overall I am glad I only ate half a sandwich as I could not eat a whole one. As I have said before I can see why this place is poplar. Even though I think they are slightly over priced the food is still good. I think “Momma Bear” was also please she came and tried it.

Websites; Katz Delicatessen