“Phoebe” and “Voltron” have been talking about Halal food to me since I was last here in December, and as”Phoebe” is now on a GE diet they decided to take me to eat hala food. This place is pretty popular and they were originally a food cart but decided to open a little eatery in East Village.

Combination Meats


“Voltron” ordered for me as he wanted to give me the full halal experience. In the platter there was; chicken, gyro, rice, pita, lettuce, and tomato. You then have to add you own sauces. I eventually drenched mine in garlic yogurt, which “Phoebe” called “magic sauce” and also added chili sauce which had a very good bite to it. The platter was very nice. The meats were nicely seasoned and when you mix it all together you get a very good all rounded meal. The pita bread was also very nice, warmed and thin not too thick.

I was not that hungry and didn’t end up eating the whole thing even though I wanted to.  It was very nice halal food even though I have not eaten a lot of it. It was all nicely seasoned and fresh.  I feel you have to add the yogurt sauce.  There was also barbeque sauce but for some reason I found that just wrong.

Website; Halal Guys