My cousin “Mr T” told me to try this place, as he knew I liked fried chicken. So I did while I was waiting for some other cousins. I walked past this place when I was in NYC when I was here in December but couldn’t find it again so I was happy that I found it this time

Fried Chicken


I had then two variations; classic and Mamma Els style. Overall let’s say I was not overly that impressed with it. Yes the chicken was cooked nicely and I did prefer Mamma Els coating on the chicken as it was more crisp but I have had better fried chicken at other places in NYC and The States. However, if I was comparing this to NZ standard I would be very pleased with this chicken.


Was alright but felt slightly dry and I felt rather thirsty afterwards. It looks dense when you touch it but when you bite into it it is fluffy inside. It didn’t seem to have the different layers liked other biscuits I had, so I rate it as alright.

Overall as my other cousin describes it, it has become more of a fast food restaurant. The chicken is pre cooked and sitting in a warmer oven waiting for you to order and it kind of tastes like it too. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty cool and has an old diner feel to it. Will I go back, no not really after trying Pies’n’Things.

Website; Hills Country Chicken