After telling “Voltron” that I went to Banh mi Saigon we told me that he preferred this place and that I should try it. What did I do, I tried it.

House Special


This is a good Bahn mi. It is big and not cut in half. So rather large to eat. I actually liked it and liked the ingredients. Howe ear, there were a few problems. All their salty meat was at the back of the roll, the other meat in the middle and the pickled vegetables and herbs at the front. So the roll is so deep that you either get a real salty bite from the meat or a refreshing pickled carrot and turnip in another bite. For me rather too unpleasant and preferred if everything was spread through evenly. The roll was also over crispy for me and rather messy to eat.

I did like the ingredients in the Bahn mi.  However comparing it to Bahn Mi Saigon, Bahn Mi Saigon wins. Everything was spread out more evenly, the roll was not as crisp, you got two pieces of cucumber not one and there was more pickle. Sorry “Voltron” you lose!

Website; Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich