Had to have relatively quick dinner as we were going to a movie so “Phoebe” and “Voltron” took me to Unami Burger. I saw in a newspaper article at home taking about this place so I was again interested in trying this place.



Wow what a burger. Simple and not over complicated. The patty is cooked to pink and cooked beautifully. The bun is grilled on the inside and is more of a brioche bun. Then there is a cheese sauce with truffle oil in it. It is so nice and so simple. Maybe some lettuce and tomatoe could benefit but I wonder how much it would change the flavour of the burger.

Cheese Fries


Made from the same cheese sauce as my burger and it was just do nice. None of that yellow cheddar fake cheese stuff. The fries were thin like French fries but still very nice.

Onion Rings


A bit heavy on the battery for my liking. In prefer a thinner batter. Taste good but a bit heavy after a while.

Also tried their sweet potatoe with maple syrup that is meant to taste a bit like bacon. For me it was just too sweet and just not in my normal diet. Apparently Americans have it all the time during thanksgiving. I just could not do it. Overall very good burger that was simple, nice and not over complicated.

Website; Unami Burgers