Before I was in the USA, I was going to write a post comparing In’N’Out and Shake Shack.  When I was in the States and talking to some cousins they said that I should also add Five Guys Burgers to the mix.  So here are my comparison notes and if you want a more in-depth review click on the links below.

Five Guys

They make a very good burger and add a lot of fresh and free stuff to the burger.  The burger was of good size and the lettuce and tomato was fresh.  Good seasoning in the burger and the patty was cooked very well.  Nice to have mushrooms, cooked onions and gherkins added to the burger. The fries on the other hand are not all that great.  I found them a bit under cooked.


A good burger and really nice when you get it “animal style”.  The tomato and lettuce were very fresh and the patty is cooked slightly under which is nice and having the patty cooked with mustard, makes the burger more flavourful. The fries are really nice as they are peeled and cooked onsite and the milkshake are really good.

Shake Shack

A nice fresh tasting burger but it was a bit small in size.  Good taste with good different flavours you do not usually find in a fast food burger, like the cherry poppers sauce.  The patty was well cooked.  What is missing is the lettuce and tomato, which makes the burger slightly more on the unhealthy side. The fries are nice, but they are not make on site.  What I do like is their custard, which is very nice and thick.


In terms of fries and drinks, I would put the fast-food outlets in the following order of best to least favourite; In’N’Out, Shake Shack and then Five Guys.  In’N’Out win this hands down because their fries are really good that are made and cooked onsite.  Also their milkshakes are just so good.  However, Shake Shack come close due to their custards.

Comparing the burgers, I have to say that I preferred In’N”Out burgers the best.  They just have a more fresh taste to the burger and good tasting when you get “animal style”. They are just blow the competition out of the water.  I would then go for Five Guys because of the free stuff you can put into your burger including the lettuce and tomato and then I would say Shake Shack would be my least favourite.  Mainly due to the lack of tomato and lettuce which makes the burger more moist and not taste so oily.


Overall In’N’Out is the winner for me.  They are fresh, good flavour and the price is really good compared to the competition. The others just don’t stack up!