Park Kitchen has been open for a couple of months and as I have never had really good experience with new eateries.  I decided to give it a few weeks before I went to try it out.  “Buttercup” and I decided to meet up for Sunday Brunch catchup and decided to give this place a try.  First off I am surprised how big this place is.  There are four distinct areas; the lounge, the outdoors, the cafe and the restaurant area.  I think it is a great idea to have four different dinning areas, but the overall dining space compared to other suburban eateries is huge and with a smallish kitchen I wonder how long you will have to get your food if the place is full.

The PK Breakfast


I always have a tendency to order a Big Breakfast when I go out for brunch.  I have no idea why, maybe it is a sub-conscious thing about having eyes bigger that my stomach. When I received my  breakfast, I was surprised there was no hash brown but toast instead.  I asked, and it does not come with a hash brown, this kind of blow my mind. The tomato, mushrooms, bacon, black pudding and sausages were cooked nicely.  The eggs were slightly over done and was surprised to see how white my egg whites were.  The hollandaise sauce was too thick and tasted alright. Overall it was a good Big Breakfast, but there was nothing special about it.  No house made bread, hash brown or chutney. I could of done this big breakfast at home if I wanted to.  If I knew what I was ordering, I may have ordered something else as the menu only said PK Breakfast and no description below.

Flat White


Nice to see other places in Miramar serving Havana coffee. Overall the coffee was good.  Had a good depth from the shots of coffee and the milk was nice.

Raspberry and Lemon Slice

A very nice slice, not too sweet.  Could have been more sour as I thought it was not sour enough.  Pastry was nice at the bottom as well.

Overall not a bad place and can see why this place has become quite popular in Miramar.  The staff are very nice and they serve good coffee.  I do wonder why they serve pizza though. I will go back maybe for dinner and see what their cooking is actually like, as the PK breakfast really does not show off any cooking skill.

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