Was in Auckland for the day to visit family on the way back to Wellington from the USA.  My Brother and his wife decided we should meet at Library Cafe in Onehunga with their kids.  This place is very spacious and has very nice staff.  It is close to the airport and it is a nice place to relax.

Add To Your Breakfast


I decided to order a make your own breakfast, as I had eaten a bit of food on the plane (I say a bit as it was pretty horrible in what I eat).  I ordered two poached eggs, two kransky sausages and two homemade hash-browns.  The kranskys were of good size and were very nice and nicely cooked.  My three year old nephew also liked them as he continually asked for more when I gave him some.  The eggs were ever so slightly over-cooked and not as runny as poached eggs should be.  The hash-browns were nice and crisp and had a nice texture to them and nicely seasoned.  Overall was a nice breakfast.

Flat White


The Flat white came in a pretty big cup, actually a latte cup.  I did wonder what was the difference between my Flat white and my mother’s Latte as they looked pretty much the same except mine looked darker and stronger.  The coffee tasted alright.  However, it was just a bit too milky for my liking.  I did not send it back because I was so tired and just wanted the caffeine.

I was very surprised how relatively quiet this place is, especially for a Sunday at Brunch time.  However, looking more deeper into things I can see how people my not come.  I think the menu is just a bit too extensive with too many things to order.  Also I think everything is just one or two dollars too expensive.  The food and servings are good, but also a bit too big.  Overall not a bad place and food is good.  Great place to go if you want to eat real food close to the airport.

Website; Library Cafe