Was at Moore Wilson Fresh and as it was a nice Wellington day, I thought I would try the Yogurt cart just outside Moore Wilson Fresh.  I have heard many a good thing about this place, but as I am not a regular shopper at Moore Wilson I hardly go there.

Lemon & Passion


Wow this was great.  I could even imagine eating this during the winter.  The yogurt was very nice and had a nice texture.  The fruit was awesome.  The passionfruit was very nice and the lemon was just awesome.  Overall the mix was very tart but very refreshing.  Also the addition of the roasted coconut on top was just the “cherry” on top.

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to try this place.  It is just great.  Would love to see what the other flavours taste like and I would actually drive just to have yogurt at this place.

Facebook Page; Berry Culture Frozen Yogurt