Was strolling around town and discovered there was a Street Fair in Tennyson St.  I thought I would have a look as it was a nice Wellington day and see what food was on offer.  I saw the Cheeky Monkey was there, I tried to sample their food at The Lux light exhibition, but as there was a long line I did not go.

Roast Pork Belly Bao Sandwich


The bun was very bouncy and silky in texture.  It tasted very nice and slightly sweet in taste.  The Roast Pork was very nice, it was tender and had a nice flavour to it.  With the addition of carrots, lettuce, raw red onion and pickle was very nice and the last two items listed did lift the sandwich in flavour and made the whole thing very nice.

Coconut Bun


Was a very nice bun, the coconut was not at all sweet as I thought it would be.  It was not overpowering in flavour and not at all I expected but was good.

Wellington’s Food Truck scene is blowing up and it is great.  I love how this is happening.  All these little business serving great food.  Wellington food scene is already over crowded, but competition is great and if I have to follow an eatery on Facebook and/or Twitter to see where they are.  I am all for it.

Facebook Page; The Hungry Monkey Wellington