Labour weekend and I wanted to go somewhere for brunch.  So I organised a brunch with “Mulan” and the bonus was that it was a beautiful day in Wellington.  We organised to go to Nikau as they have a great courtyard and was a great place to enjoy the sun.

Kedgeree with House Smoked Fish


One of my friends comes to Nikau just to have their Kedgeree dish, so I thought I would give it a try.  Owning my naivety, I did not know Kedgeree was a name of a dish.  The Rice, boiled egg, parsley and smoked fish dish was very nice.  It was nicely seasoned and had a good amount of cream and butter.  The parsley was not overpowering and the house smoked fish was very nice.  Overall I can see why my friend likes this dish and why she always orders it when she eats here.

Lemon Cream Donut


Wow this was a great donut.  The dough was very nice and their was lemon curd in the inside of the donut and in the cream.  It had a very nice tart taste.  The only downside was the price compared to the size.  I thought it was small for the price of the donut.

Flat White

IMG_6741I am not sure what bean they use.  However, they make a very good coffee. It was nice and strong and the milk was nicely frothed.

“Mulan” had the pancakes with honey butter, apple syrup and bacon.  I was fortunate enough to have a try and it was also very nice.  The pancakes were good and the honey butter was very nice.  Overall this is a very nice place to have brunch especially if you want to enjoy the summer sun.  The staff are very nice and onto it and the other cakes in the cabinet look very tempting.

Website; Nikau Cafe