“Momma Bear” wanted to go back and have dinner at Spirit House and as I had never been I thought why not.  I also invited my cousin “Mulan” to come along as well so then we could try more of the menu.  Surprisingly you have to book to eat at this place as it gets quite busy there are tables you can eat at the bar that don’t get booked out, but “Momma Bear” would never want to eat there.  The atmosphere of the place is rather full-on in my opinion especially depending on where you are sitting it can get quite dark. There are statues/ props everywhere on a asian theme and I do feel it is slightly over the top.



What a great name for a dish!  Actually it is a combination of several entrees, which include; Vietnamese Fresh Spring rolls, Spring Rolls, Korean Dumplings, and Guri Puffs.  The Vietnamese spring rolls are very nice and have a lot of flavour in theme, The Spring Rolls are also nice but are filled with a lot of vermicelli and hardly anything else.  The Korean Dumplings were deep fried and the filling has pork, onion and cabbage and was alright.  Finally the Guri Puffs, were nice with sweet potato and vegetables in the filling.  There was also the typical Vietnamese spring roll sauce and some soya sauce.  Overall was quite nice.  Not sure if i would order any of the items separately as an entree though.

Vietnamese Fried Fish Steak


Filleted pieces of fish deep fried with some green and red peppers, onions and tomatoes on top with a nice sauce lightly poured on top.  The fish was nicely cooked but for deep fried tempura it did no really have a crunch to it.  The dish was also came with some jasmine rice.

Vietnamese Laksa


This was alright, not necessarily my favourite dish.  It was surprisingly very sweet but also had some sourness to it.  Not all that hot in spiciness.

Penang Beef Cheek Curry


This dish also came with rice.  The curry had nice strips of beef check with cauliflower, broccoli and pumpkin.  Overall the curry was nice.  However, it was rather creamy and rich.

Roti Bread


Overall was nice.  It was sweet and fluffy and not all to oily which was nice.

I am slightly surprised to see how busy this place is.  For me, I feel that the menu is quite confusing, with a mixture of Vietnamese, Malaysian and Chinese cuisine.  Also I think the service was rather weird.  We were sitting on a rather big table and the waiter dumped glasses and bottles of wine on our table while he filled other glasses.  They never cleared our wine glasses when we said that we were not going to drink wine. Also they started clearing our table and didn’t finish it and we just left.  Overall the food was alright nothing special but I suppose if you live in the Eastern suburbs and you want to eat asian food and not travel into town, this is the place to go.

Website; Spirit House