I asked another Curry Laksa lover how was her investigation going in finding the best Laksa in Wellington.  We both are still sadden with the closure of Stay Kampong in 2012 and still looking for a good replacement. A  friend of hers recommended Pandan which has two branches one in Tawa and one in Lower Hutt.  As I was at Westfield Queensgate, I decided to try the one in Lower Hutt.

Curry Laksa


A nice laksa. Has good spice to it and it is slightly thinner than a typical Malaysian laksa. It is creamy and has a good spice base to it. A nice flavoursome soup. There were two types of noodles in the soup; egg noodles and rice noodles. The egg noddles were over cooked though and gluey in texture. Small pieces of chicken, one whole boiled egg, some squid and some bean sprouts and weirdly, spinach. The Laksa was a small serving of noodles and other extras with quite a bit of soup.  Was not all that filling.

Roti Bread


I do not think this is made on site and would be interesting to know where they source it. Was just a typical roti nothing interesting to home and write about.

Is this the Laksa I am searching for.  In one word, NO!  Yes it tastes nice, but the servings are small for the price you pay.  There is hardly any noodles, chicken, and other added extras you usually get in a Laksa.  Plus I prefer a Laksa with shrimp paste and more watery in texture and the roti was disappointing. I do not think I will go back to Pandan in Lower Hutt.  The prices are rather more on the expensive side compared to Malaysian food in Wellington City.

Website; Pandan