After eating some good Korean in New York City, I wanted to see if I could find some good Korean in Wellington.  So after talking to a Korean workmate, I decided to try Korean Country House in the City.  This place has a simple menu with only 20 dishes.  I was going to order the Bibimbap or the Japchae but something else caught my eye.

Jajang Myun


I decided to try this dish as it is only made on a Friday or Saturday.  Also because there were a lot of korean people ordering it. The dish has home made noodles, soy bean black sauce with vegetables and pork.  It was presented nicely, with the sauce on top of the noodles and not mixed in.  I watched other people eat it and they mixed it all together.  It was slightly difficult to eat and mix with the sauce as the noodles were so long.  When I first took a bite, I didn’t quite like it, as it did not have a lot of flavour.  However, I mixed and tossed it a bit more and ate the noodles with the onions, cabbage and the pork with help of spoon while also using my chopsticks and it was really nice.  I an see why a lot of people ordered this dish.

Side Condiments


I was wondering if i would get any side condiments and some did arrive with my Jajan Myun. I got a dish of been sprouts (Sukjunmul) which were flavoured in sesame oil, small pieces of boil potato (Gamja jorim) and some kimchi.  The Sukjunmul was very nice and refreshing, Gamja jorim had a nice texture with some of the potato cooked and some slightly under but a very nice flavouring and the Kimchi was very spicy and nice when I added some with my Jajan Myun.

Overall I really liked this place and I would definitely go back.  The food was tasty and a good serving size.  Basic menu, where you do not get confused and hopefully I will be able to make my way through the menu and work out which one is my favourite.