“Tweety” a workmate of mine (and her partner) wanted to go to Capital Market for lunch before we headed north for a Planning day for work.  They were talking up the Sri Lankan food (apparently it is the only Sri Lanka eatery in Wellington), but funny enough we ended up eating Korean at Miss Kangsta.

Popcorn Chicken


I was excited for this after having eaten Korean Fried Chicken at Bonchon in Washington DC. (Also as a bonus this dish is gluten free). The chicken is nicely cooked and has a good flavour to the dish.  There is a bit of spice and has a good back bone to the flavour.  The salad was nice, but felt the pesto based dressing did not necessarily go with the chicken.  My dish also got rice, and I would of liked a bit more sauce on the chicken or more flavour on the chicken to eat with rice.

Overall I was very impressed with this place.  “Tweety” got the crumbed calamari, which I tried a piece and it was also nicely seasoned and the squid was tender.  Her partner got a Bimbibap, which he liked as well. Miss Kangsta also does some interesting desserts, which I would like to try in the future.

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