I was walking along Courtenay Place to Embassy theatre and discovered there is a new restaurant.  1 Courtenay Place looked like it had been gutted and redesigned and turned into a new eatery. I went to watch a movie and then “Pepper Potts” and another friend decided to go have dinner and we thought we would try this new restaurant out. Interesting enough this place is called Tahi (meaning one in Te Reo Maori). They call this place Thai with a twist, which I thought was an interesting theme.

Calamari fritti



The calamari was cut in tubes and crumbed in crispy breadcrumbs. The coating was more on the thicker side, but also gave the calamari a bit more crunch. Also the squid was thinker and had more flesh to the meat than calamari at other restaurants.  I actually really liked it and the aioli sauce that went with the calamari was very nice.



Interesting that they call this dish potatoes, when what you are getting is chips. They are nicely seasoned and have cheese nice grilled on top of the chips. The chips also come with the same aioli sauce as the calamari.

Chicken on Rice Noodles


This dish was a half roasted chicken on deep fried rice noodles and came with a chilli jam and also some sweet chilli sauce. I really did enjoy this dish, the chicken was nicely cooked and not dry with the breast meat.  The chilli jam was really nice and had a nice sweetness and kick to it.  One thing that I would of liked added to this dish is maybe some greens as well.

Hide the Banana


Wow this was good.  It was cut up banana deep fried in bread with ice cream and honey on top.  It was very yummy. I also got to try the Honey toast and that was also amazing as well

This place has a very interesting concept and theme.  I think it is different and adventurous in its style.  However, the food is good especially the desserts.  The staff are very nice and do their job well.  I will go back sometime soon and see what their other food is like, I may even go back just for the dessert.