I have been on a bit of a Vietnamese binge at the moment, not sure why maybe because I am trying to live a more healthy lifestyle.  Pepper Potts wanted to eat something more healthy and maybe that is rubbing off on me as well, so I decided to try Saigon Taste.

Saigon Fresh Summer Rolls


Even though I am allergic to peanuts, I always forget to ask them not to add peanuts into the sauce.  The summer rolls are nice and fresh.  The lettuce and bean sprouts are crisp and the mint adds a nice bite to it.  It was nice to have both prawn and pork in it and it was not overloaded with vermicelli.

Beef Salad

A very nice salad, with a good amount of dressing on the salad.  The beef was cooked nicely with onions and the salad consisted of fresh lettuce and carrots.

Rear-Beef Noodle Soup – Pho


The Pho tasted very nice, but there was a bit too much pepper in the soup. I always add lemon to mine, and bean sprouts.  What is disappointing about this place and nearly everywhere in Wellington, there is no Vietnamese basil.  Also there was no fresh chilli and they give you coriander instead.  The beef was nicely cut and tasted nice with the soup.  Also a good amount of rice noodles, which were nicely cooked.

Overall a nice place.  A good place to go for Vietnamese if you want it on the cheaper side with good serving sizes on this side of Wellington.  I will go ago, especially if i want a cheaper reliable meal.

Website; Saigon Taste