Have not been here for a very long time, at least five years I think.  I use to go their quite a bit as I worked close by but since changing jobs I have not been back since.  Some old Uni friends wanted to come here as they wanted somewhere where then son could play and since we had not seen each other for a while I was happy to try this place again.

Baked Eggs


This is the first time I have actually had baked eggs, but I wanted something different.  In the baked egg was cannellini beans, chorizo, cheery tomatoes and dukkah on top.  On the side was some toasted ciabatta bread. The baked eggs were very nice, but i did have to add salt to the dish.  Also I did think the dish had a bit too much of a runny sauce to it and felt a spoon would have been easier to eat the dish. Luckily there was some bread to dip into the dish and soak up all that sauce.

Flat White


L’affare in the day was the place to get a good quality coffee.  However, I have to say I was not all that impressed with my coffee.  It was slightly on the weak side for me and would have liked a stronger espresso shot/base.

L’affare is still as busy as I use to remember it to be.  L’affare must have some very loyal customers and has managed to become one of Wellington’s institution for food and coffee.  For me, I always forget to come here for food.  However, It is good and reliable and usually you can find a carpark outside so how can you go wrong.

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