Felt like some Ramen and had walked passed Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar quite a bit during the evening and only recently discovered that they do Ramen at lunch time, so I decided to give a try.  I went on a Saturday and it was rather dead, I do wonder what it is like on a weekday.



I am not sure how you can serve edamame incorrectly or badly.  However, these edamame were warm, had a good amount of salt on them and tasted nice.

Tonkotsu Red Ramen


Wow this was good.  I really liked this.  The soup had a lot of flavour and had a very good amount of chilli and spice to it.  It had a good kick to it and was nice to have with the noodles.  The bean sprouts were cooked nicely and so to was the wood fungus.  The egg was also nicely cooked and had a half runny yolk texture to it.  The pork was nicely seasoned.  However, it was a bit fatty.  Overall a really nice bowl of Ramen.

I was very impressed with this place and will certainly come again.  The soup was very flavoursome and I would like to try their other varieties.  I am surprised to see how quiet this place was, especially as it is quite hard to get good ramen in Wellington.  I certainly do prefer this place compared to the Ramen shop in Newtown.  Also the serving sizes are bigger.

Website; Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar