I wanted to catchup with “Buttercup” and she decided to meet for Brunch at Scorch-o-Rama.  I generally come to this place for a milkshake or ice-cream and not really to eat. It was an overcast day and we sat in their sunroom, which was nice and warm with a nice view of Scorching Bay.

The Babe Benedict


Firstly I was surprised how big the serving was. The toast was thick, but was not too dominant when eating it with the ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce. The ham was off the bone, which was really nice, the eggs were perfectly cooked and runny and the hollandaise sauce had a nice tart taste to it. Overall a very nice variation to a eggs benedict. I also had to order a side of Hashbrowns as I love hash browns, especially if a cafe make their own.  There were very nice in flavour, but I would prefer them to be a bit more crisp in texture.

Flat White


A nice colour and a nice flavour.  They use Havana beans, which have a nice strong flavour.  I was slightly disappointed as they used trim milk in my flat white instead of homogenised milk, as I did not ask for trim.  I could tell as a did not touch my flat white for about three minutes and the froth of the milk had disappeared.

Overall Scorch-o-Rama is a very good cafe and very popular especially on a sunny day, when their outside seating has been set up.  They also make good milkshakes and serve old school ice-creams.