This food truck had got a lot of hype with a lot of my brothers friends. I had seen it around on Twitter and Facebook but never had the chance to try it due to me not being in the same place as it was. Now that the summer holidays are here I decided to hunt it down and give it a try. I found it in Frank Kitts park on a very nice summer day.



I love my fried wings and I had to give them a try. Got a good amount of wings in my box and they were covered in sauce. The wings were nicely cooked and had a slight crunch with the sauce. The sauce had a nice sweet taste and a nice kick (but would of liked more kick). Was a nice barbeque sauce, but be prepared to get your fingers dirty.

Crispy Chicken Po Boy


The only thing I can say is WOW. This was amazing. I could easily eat two of these. The chicken was again nicely cooked and lightly crumbed and had a very nice flavour to it. The roll was toasted, which enhanced the flavours. The coleslaw had cabbage and apple which was a great contrast. Then you add the barbeque sauce and the thick mayo and this is a match made in heaven.

The food made on this truck is definitely made with love and care just like Jamaican and Southern American cuisine. The guy that cooked my food is hilarious and had some good banter going on. I will definitely hunt this truck down again to try their other food delights. Also as a bit of a side note, they prefer cash not eftpos, but you can pay for your food either way.

Facebook Page;  Nanny’s Food Truck