“Mulan” my cousin and I decided to go to lunch, since I am on Summer Break and she works on Parliament side of The Terrace I decided to give Drexels a try. I have heard a few things about this place, with people talking about their Pancakes so I decided to give it a try. I am also surprised that there is a place like this in Wellington, I wanted to try their coffee, but could not deal with a bad coffee.

Drexel Classic Pancakes


So I decided to order the pancakes. I asked for three but only got two, I did not say anything, as they were quite big, but two minutes later my third pancake arrived on another plate. The pancakes were not too bad, they had a good height and were not too dense. They had whipped butter on top and overall were not too bad.  For the price you pay they are good.  The free Maple syrup was also not bad and you could pour as much as you wanted. You could pay extra for actual Maple Syrup if you wanted, but I was happy with the free stuff.



I also decided to order a side of hashbrown.  They make their own here.  However, their hashbrown is pan fried not deep fried, which is a shame. I had to put a lot of salt on my hashbrown, which I thought was not cool.  I do not think they put any salt into their mixture before cooking it.  A real disappointed.

Mulan had the waffles with a side of half bacon and a hashbrown.  She thought the same as me for the hash.  I did tried some of here waffles, and they were a lot better than my pancake and if I go back, I will definitely order them.

Overall not a bad place, a very simple place with alright food, just like an American Diner.

Website; Drexels