Went to Maranui for our annual pre-christmas meal with my best friends from College. I have been here numerous times but have never written a review about this place. Maranui is world famous in Wellington. This place has a steady stream of customers and there are always people lining up to eat here at the weekend for brunch. Maranui has a mixture of counter food and hot food and most people generally order of their menu and generally must people will go to Maranui’s little sister delicatessen, Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli around the corner.

Eggs Benedict


I decided to try the Eggs Benedict with a side order of a hash brown, instead of my standard order of their Big Bay Breakfast. The two poached eggs were cooked really nice with the egg white fully cooked and the yolk runny. The hollandaise sauce was also very nice and not as tart as other cafes and a good amount poured on the eggs. The bread was nice and toasted but interesting to taste, but eventually saw some pesto on the toast. The ham off the bone was very nice but was slightly confused at first as it did taste more like bacon than ham, but to closer inspection and taste it was ham. Overall the eggs benedict was very nice. As I said I ordered a side of hash brown, it was nicely seasoned and had a good flavour to it but was more of a potato cake made of mash potato, then a hash brown, but still very nice.

Chocolate Thick Shake


No coffee today and decide to go to for a thick shake, even though Maranui uses Havana beans. I love the thick shakes here! Nice and thick and not over powering in flavour or sweetness. Was a good consistency for a think shake and had a nice chocolate flavour. I actually always order a thick shake here most of the time. One of the best thick shakes in Wellington.

Everyone can see why Maranui is so busy. The view of the sea, great service (even though or food took over 25 minutes but we were told that when we were seated), and great food. It is always consistent and reliable. The only problem about this place is how busy it gets in the weekend for brunch, hence why I only come during the weekday when I am only break.

Website; Maranui Cafe