IMG_7166.jpgAs I am on break I decided to try another type of coffee. As Supreme has opened a coffee lab in Midland Park, I decided to try some Supreme Beans. It is very nice open store and has all the toys you need to make a good coffee.

7 : 3 Blend

I decided to try this blend as the person in the shop asked me what kind of coffee I generally like and they suggested this one. This is ratio blend, a combination of two Origin blends. I decided to brew this through my V6 instead of my chemex. A weighed 8 grams of coffee to 100 grams of water. The first taste I got from the brew is a fruity taste and overall naturally sweet but then you get a nice warm dark chocolate taste at the back end.

This is how Supreme Describes the bean and where it comes from;

7:3 is a blend made up of two naturally processed coffee varietals, Obata from the Nova Canna farm in Brazil and Red Bourbon from the Las Cumbres farm in Nicaragua. The blends name explains the ratio of each coffee used in the blend, respectively. Seven parts of Obata sets the base of the blend with a thick and well-structured body. Three parts of Red Bourbon give the blend its floral and fruit notes. Combined, they form a refreshing flavour profile for the adventurous espresso fan

Overall It is a very nice clean blend with a nice warm back.  It has a very interesting profile and will buy some more as I quite liked it.

Website; Supreme