Heard about this place from Mulan, so I decided to give it a try. Went at the middle of lunch time and this place is busy. However, full of Pākehā and not many Asians. They have several pans on the go and looks like all the dumplings are steam fried from frozen, which is understandable.


Shrimp and coriander

This was the first one I happened to try, first thought was the dumpling lacked crunch and not fried long enough after the water had evaporated to allow the skins to crispin up. The filing was really disappointing, the shrimps were cut too finely and seemed like they were put through a food producer, which made the filing lack bite and seemed like you were eating mushy prawns. Also there seemed to be a lot of MSG in the filling.

Pork and garlic chives

Again the skins were just more mushy than crisp. The filing had a bit more bite but the consistency was not right. It felt like the filling was mixed in a  in a food processor at full speed and not carefully or slowly mixed together, either that or a lot of corn flour was mixed into the filling. Taste was fine but nothing to rave home about.

I am actually surprised how popular this place is. The dumplings were just over processed and with a lot of MSG to satisfy the masses. I will not go back and instead go and have Yum cha to get my dumpling fix or make them myself. A real disappointment.