IMG_7092.jpgI had the pleasure to take some of my students to Rotorua.  We had an option to do an “Outside the Classroom” three day activity, so a friend/colleague and I decided to take some students up to Roto-vegas.  We had planned an itinerary and sorted out some activities and here are some you can do while in Rotorua.

Te Puia

A geothermal area that was gifted to the government and the Maori people  run a business from it.  A rather great idea and one of the major tourist attractions in Rotorua.  It is interesting area, see bubbling mud pools, and geysers shooting out water.  We had a guided tour for about an hour and a half and then were able to walk around afterwards.  Was a great place to work around with the students (and keeping them busy).  Also onsite are two kiwis and an academy where maori people can learn to wood carve and weave flex.

The Zorb

Discovered the fun that is Zorbing. We only had the wet option, but it was heaps of fun.  Went down the windy track and surprisingly the zorb is filled with warm water.  My students and I had lots of fun and their is a spa afterwards to soak in.

Polynesian Spa

A great place to relax.  We went to the family area, where there was a heated chlorinated pool and two hot mineral pools.  A great place to relax and soak away your worries.

The Skyline and Luge

A great view of Roturua from the top, but my students weren’t all that interested.  Were more interested in The Luge.  The Luge is heaps of fun, and great to have competitions to see who is the fastest.  Just watch out for slow drivers when you are wanting speed.

Thursday Night Market

Surprisingly a real good night market, especially for food that is.  We stayed at a catered Camp suit and students wanted some real food, so we decided to try the Night Market.  All kinds of food and everyone left happy.

So there are my highlights from Roto-vegas.  Overall decided to write post about it, because I hardly ever talk about my travels.