Went back to the Supreme Coffee shop in Midland Park to buy some beans before the Christmas / New Years Day stat days. I really liked the 7 : 3 Blend that was suggested to me and wanted to try something different over the Christmas break. They had a fresh brew of the Gutemala San Sebastian, Pacamara, but I found it too sweet for me as I tend to like coffee that has more of a “back” to it. So I was suggested the el Salvador Caballeros.  This blend is very new, so new there are no tasting notes, so here is my attempt.

el Salvador Caballeros


I brewed this through my Chemex with the standard 8 : 100 grams ratio of coffee to water and. I made 400 grams worth of coffee. The coffee is warmer and more subtle. It is not as sweet as I thought it would be and more rounded in flavour. I would say that it has a summer fruit flavour with a nice warm malt background to it. Overall a nice bean and wonder what it would be like as a cold brew.