I am very surprised I have not written a blog post on this place, as I do go quite a bit.  Scopa was become an institution in Wellington and the Bresolin Brothers have become mini-celebrities in Wellington.  I do wonder if they are still as go as they were when they first opened.



Their classic pizza with ham.  I love their margarita and they actually have a special on them on Tuesday between 11am – 3pm where they are only $8. Their base was nicely cooked, slightly crisp at the bottom and not over down or burn at the bottom.  The tomato base was nice and light and not overpower, and has a good consistency and flavour. The ham was very nice,  had a good amount on it and when you add on the chilli oil, a simple pizza that is very tasty.

Hot Chocolate

I also had a small Italian hot chocolate.  I am not sure what brand Scopa use but their hot chocolate is basically the best in Wellington and is thick, smooth with a good chocolate flavour.

Scopa is still as good as it is when it first open.  The pizzas are good, the fresh pasta is good and they have good food deals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. One thing that Scopa could do is have more options for desserts, but that is really no big deal breaker.

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