Mamma Bear wanted to take me out for dinner for my Birthday and as I had another Festival Show to go to, she suggested Scopa as it is relatively fast and a good place to it. I didn’t complain as I do like Scopa.

Calamari Fritti

I usually order this dish when I come here. It is great as a sharing dish. The calamari is beautifully cooked and fresh. The batter is light and the calamari is the hero of the dish not a batter that soaks up all the oil. I did feel it did need a bit of extra salt but was not a biggie. The aioli that also came with the dish was nice and thick and a good amount of it. Overall a very good serving size.



The pizza had Gorgonzola, Taleggio and Monte Vecchio on it. However, I did not manage to taste the gorgonzola nor really the other cheeses which was a major disappointment. I was also surprised to see how much tomato was on the base as I think it did over power the different types of cheese on top. The pizza was cooked really nicely, just a real shame a about not really being able to taste the different types of cheese.

Chocolate Ravioli


Banana, pecan, chocolate, rum and mascarpone is how they describe this dish. I had seen a post about this on their Instagram account of raw chocolate ravioli and was very intrigued about this and when I saw it on the menu, I decided to order it and it is not what I expected. For some strange reason, I expected the ravioli to be boiled not deep-fried. Inside the ravioli was banana and maybe some chocolate. On the dish was a nice chocolate sauce with rum, crushed pecans and some mascarpone. Overall, an interesting dish, but I did enjoy it.

I was disappointed with the pizza and that was the first time I have tried this one.  However, Scopa is still a great place to eat. The service is good and the food comes in a timely manner. What else do you want.

Previous Visit; Jan 2016

Website; Scopa Caffe Cucina

Address; 141 Cuba Street, Wellington 6011