“Buttercup” took me out for afternoon tea for my birthday.  I ended up being late that it turned into an early dinner as I was going to see a show that was part of the NZ  Festival.  Neither of us have been to Fidel’s for a while, but we usually go here for afternoon as they usually do good cakes.

Hot Wings


Six pieces of chicken wing on  a smallish plate. Not really sure what I was thinking about the dish except that it was slightly disappointed of the serving size. The wings were really nice, they had a really nice unexpected kick with a good barbecue sauce spread on them. The ranch dressing was refreshing as it cooled down the spice from the chili. Overall a good entree, but small in size.

Beer Battered Fries


Not at all fries but chips. Even though they are made somewhere else and fried from frozen, they were cooked really nicely with good amount of salt. They were crisp and the potato fluffy inside. Nice aioli and just the typical run of the mill tomato sauce.

Overall a good place for a light meal.  I have never been here for a lunch or breakfast, but usually come here for cakes for afternoon tea or dessert.  However, the best thing about Fidel’s is their Thick shakes.  Even though I did not order one this time.  This is my go to place and I think this is the best place for thick shakes and another bonus is that they use Havana Beans.

Website; Fidel’s Cafe

Address; 234 Cuba St, Wellington 6011