Continuing my quest for the best Laksa in Wellington. I decided to try Oaks Satay Noodle House.  This place has been here for a very long time and I have never been here.  A friend goes here quite regularly and I always wondered why.  Also I see people going up and down those stairs on a regular basis, so I thought why not give this place a try.

Mini Spring Rolls


These were nice tasting spring rolls.  They seem to be made on site and only have vegetables inside, which is fine.  I do wish that they didn’t use sweet chilli sauce, as I am over that sauce.  Also I would prefer that they made large springs with more filling, than cocktail spring rolls.

Curry Laksa; Seafood


The Laksa is filled with seafood pieces, from fish balls, squid, surimi, tofu, and one whole prawn. There was hardly any bean sprouts and on top there was spring onions and coriander.  The noodles were your standard egg noodles, but I was surprised that there was a lack of them.  Besides all this, I was surprised how good the laksa soup was.  I was not expecting much.  However, this would be one of the best Laksa places in Wellington.  I did say Aunty Mena’s was the best in Wellington, but as this one has meat/seafood in it, I think this is the winner.

I honestly did judge this place by it’s cover.  I did not expect much from this, but was surprised how good it was.  The decor is not great at this place, but it is clean.  The service is fast, polite and the food is good.  I think I will go back sooner than I thought and visit more often.

Facebook page; Oaks Satay Noodle House

Address; 2, Oaks Complex 71-81 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011