We have been having a great summer in Wellington this year.  As it was a great day, “Buttercup” suggested we go for a walk and some late lunch at Chocolate Fish.  To be honest, I was apprehensive to go to Chocolate Fish, as I have not been for a long time and the last time I went there was not really any cakes and the food that the use to have were just sandwiches with different seafood fritters inside them. I generally avoided the place as I thought it was relatively expensive for the food you get.

Chicken Liver Pate with Toasted Bread – Special


I did not know what I was going to get, but when I arrived I was very surprised.  Surprised because there was a good amount of grilled bread, as at other places you get a good amount of pate but hardly any bread and you have to order more. The Pate was very nice and had a nice flavour, especially with the jelly on top.  The dish also came with a beetroot chutney and some sliced gherkins. The bread was nicely grilled and also had butter spread on top.  Overall a really nice light dish for a late lunch.

Plum and Coconut Cake


A very nice cake.  There was a good amount of plums on the top and nice roasted coconut on top.  Overall the cake was very easy to eat, moist and not too sweet.  Yummy!

I was very impressed with Chocolate Fish and it reminded me of the old Chocolate Fish when it was at Scorching Bay, plus it is the same owners.  I was more impressed with the menu as there is now more variety and there are some really nice cakes and slices available at the counter.  One of the great things about Chocolate fish is there is ample amount of parking and there are lots of seating options.  You can sit inside, or their courtyard, and you can sit outside on deck chairs, normal chairs or even bean bags.  Plus this plus has ample of room for kids to run around.  But hands down the best is the view of Wellington harbour on a good day. The only thing you have to watch out for are the seagulls.

Website; Chocolate Fish Cafe

Address; Shelly Road, Maupuia, Wellington