Decided to continue my Laksa adventure and try Aunty Mena’s.  I have heard that they do a good Laksa. I really could not imagine a Curry Laksa, without seafood and chicken, but I decided to see why people were talking about this place and maybe it might lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Spring Rolls


When they arrived to the table they were very hot and also came with a side of sweet and sour dipping sauce. They were very nice and tasty. Inside were vegetables, wood ear fungus and some vermicelli (chop suey). I was surprised on how tasty they were and I did wonder what else they put into the filling to make it so tasty.

Dumpling Laksa


As it was towards that later part of the night, they had run out of dumplings, so I had to have wonton instead.  Inside the wonton from what I could tell, was just minced up mushrooms.  They did not have a lot of filling in them and were actually quite taste less.  Also there was some deep fried tofu, some Kao-fu and pieces of cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, and bean sprouts.  I also order a side plate of noodles as the dumpling laksa did not come with any, which I thought was strange.  The laksa soup though is the best I had so far in my laksa quest.  The soup was very nice and had a good substitute prawn paste flavour.

This place is busy, but I do wonder if it is actually busy because the service is slow.  The food does not come very fast and there was only one person serving and taking orders.  Besides the slow service, I have to say the food here is very nice.  The Laksa, is the best I have had in Wellington so far, but I wish there was a seafood version as then I would have completed my Laksa quest.  Oh Well!

Facebook Page; Aunty Mean Vegetarian Cafe

Address; 167 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington