Old Uni friends of mine wanted to catchup before things got too busy for me.  They suggested La Cloche as they had heard it was a child friendly cafe and had a place for infants to play around.  I had only been there for takeaway coffee when my favourite local “Lady Luck” was closed, as they are both nearish to my work. We were only going to go for morning tea instead of a sit down meal, so I only had a pastry and a coffee.



I had been looking for a good mille-feuille or custard square in Wellington.  This pastry was very nice.  The pastry was nice and crisp and was not overly thick.  The vanilla icing was good and was the sweetest part of the pastry.  However, when eating it with some of the pastry and crème pâtissière it was well balanced.  The crème pâtissière had a very good consistency and did not all fallout when you try to cut the mille-feuille.  I am not a fan when the custard is basically all cream and when you bite into it, it just comes out the other end. Overall this is one of the best mille-feuille I have tried in Wellington. Unfortunately you have to eat this with a fork and plate, and not eat it when you are on the move, but when you want a very good mille-feuille who cares.

Flat White


I am not sure what coffee bean they use here. The Flat white had a colour to it and was nice and dark.  However, it was not as strong as I thought it would be due to the colour.  The white what had a nice balanced taste, but I would of preferred a bit more bite / coffee hit from my coffee.

Overall this place is very nice.  There are a lot of different pastries in the cabinet and also has some quiches and rolls already made in the cabinet.  There is also an extensive menu for breakfast and lunch that I would like to come back one day and try. The staff are very on to it and the atmosphere is nice.  There is an area for kids to play in which my friend was pleased with and a huge rocket that kids can ride, which they all seemed to enjoy.

Website; www.lacloche.co.nz

Address; 134 Hutt Rd, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington 6035, New Zealand