Buttercup and I decided to catch up before work started.  We usually go to the burbs to have brunch but I suggested to go into town as I needed to buy somethings in town.  We found a park in city and decided to go to Mama Browns as it was close to the car.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger


Both Buttercup and I decided to order the Southern Fried Chicken Burger, I was tempted to have the fried chicken and waffles, but was not hungry enough to have it.  The burger as a whole was very nice.  I thought the fried chicken would have some crunch to it, but unfortunately it did not.  Also I would of preferred if the chicken meat was actually a thigh piece than a breast piece. The chipotle lime sauce was very nice as was the fried chicken and having the lettuce and the tomato gave the burger some moisture.


I was disappointed with the fries, they weren’t necessarily cooked long enough or the oil was not hot enough, i can’t put my finger on it.  We added the chipotle sauce to the fries and it was a nice.

Kit Kat Milkshake

I usually go for a thick shake but they don’t make them here, but when the milkshake came out it was thick.  There were crushed kit kat pieces on top and the milkshake had chocolate and caramel mixed together.  A nice milkshake.

Overall this place is not bad.  It has a very relaxed feel to it.  However, the waiting stuff seemed a bit too relaxed for my liking.  The only reason I bring this up was because our food came first before the drinks.  I did find that rather weird and something you usually do not see very often.  It just seemed like the person that was making drinks was super slow and could not keep up with the orders.

Website; www.mamabrown.co.nz

Address; 250 Wakefield St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand