Being back in Wellington, Pepper Potts and I wanted to catchup, so we decided to go watch a movie and have dinner.  We decided to go to Pan de Muerto as I wanted to save a bit of money, so we used the Entertainment Book.

Queso Fundido


Pepper Potts and I decided to share this dish.  It was smoked chorizo cheese dip with corn tortilla chips and bolillo. I presumed bolillo was some type of bread after the dish came to our table.  The cheese dip was very nice with some spice and heat come from the chorizo.  Also the corn chips looked like they were made on site.



The fish of the day with baby octopus, prawns in lime and chilli juice with corn tortilla chips.  Was a nice refreshing dish.  The fish was nicely cooked in the acid of the lime and had a good refreshing taste.  However, I did not manage to taste the chilli.  The corn chips were the same ones that came with the cheese dip, but I didn’t think that there was enough for the ceviche, which was a shame.

Piña Colada


A rum baba with coconut ice-cream and pineapple custard.  The rum baba was nice but the pineapple custard was a bit too sweet for me.  The coconut ice cream was also the highlight for me.  I left the biscuit spoon last as I thought it would be a good end to the dessert, but it was not, it was not as crisp or biscuit like as I thought it would.

Overall a good meal.  I was overall impressed with the dishes but I did feel it was a bit too europeanised for me.  The service was very good and the atmosphere is good as well.  The food came out very fast and was rather surprised, but was good as we had a movie to go to. A good place to eat, and would be good for big parties.


Address; 82 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011