IMG_7679.jpgAll good things must come to an end.  Which means it is now time to go back home.  For me a week is enough in Hong Kong, unless I decided to go to Shenzhen, or Macau. I had a lot of fun revisiting places, seeing family and also seeing how Hong Kong has changed since the last time I visited four years ago, but I was glad to go home and actually excited to go back to work after five weeks enjoying my Summer Break.

As it was time for me depart.  I caught the free shuttle to Kowloon station and then checked in to my flight at the station.  I was then notified that my upgrade request had been granted through my upgrade voucher to Business Premier as I had booked a Premium Economy seat for my return to NZ and that if I wanted a window or aisle seat.  I decided to aisle as I knew I couldn’t really look through the window on the Air New Zealand Business Premier seats. I was also notified that I was allowed to use the Thai Airways Airport Lougue at Gate 40. They took my bag and then off to the Airport via the Airport Express.

Arriving at Hong Kong Airport, I then quickly went through customs, looked at the Duty Free shops, but as Hong Kong does not have tax on goods, there was nothing I wanted to buy.  I then took the internal train to Gate 40.

I arrived at the Thai Airways Airport Lounge and I was kind of shocked.  It was not a very nice lounge at all.  It was rather small and the layout was not all that flash.  Even though I was not that hungry I got a little something to eat.

I tried their har gao, which were dry, some siu mai, which were better, some cocktail samosas, which were alright and a fish cake, which was nothing special.  The food overall, was terrible and glad I only got a few things to eat.



Then it was time to board the plane.  We were flying on a refurbished 777-200er.  As soon as I found my seat I was offered a drink and decided to get some freshly squeezed orange juice and also some roasted almonds, which were the best I have actually ever had. Then just before take-off I was asked what drink I would like after take-off and what would I like as my main meal for the food service and I decided upon the Hainan Chicken Rice.

After take-off food service began and I decided upon the Sichuan style sesame prawns with cucumber and what chestnut salad and chilli lime dressing and a variety of breads with NZ pressed Olive oil for my starter.


The Prawns were amazing, you could taste the Sichuan flavours and the hotness of the chilli.  Also the prawns were crisp.  The cucumber and chestnut salad, made the starter refreshing and a nice beginning to the meal service.

Then along came my Hainan Chicken with chicken rice, story fry choi sum, tofu, and ginger and spring oil sauce.  


The choi sum had some crispness to it, which was good and the deep fried tofu was moist when you bit into it.  The chicken was nicely cooked, succulent and had no bones, the rice was nicely seasoned and the ginger and spring oil sauce was great.  Overall a very nice Hainan chicken rice.  The only shame was there was no chilli sauce.

For dessert, I had the Gourmet dessert of mango ice cream and macadamia nut ice cream with mango coulis and crushed meringue. This dessert was great.  The different textures and flavours were just yum.  I wish I could by the macadamia nut ice cream from somewhere.

After the meal, I then finished my episode of Show me a Hero. I then asked for assistance to transform my seat into a bed.  The overall seat and the bed were very comfortable. I actually manage to get some zzz, which was nice.

After I woke up, I ordered a Hot Chocolate, which didn’t come so I then ordered an Apple Juice.  The Apple juice arrived and then the Flight Manager came by and asked if I had received my Hot Chocolate, I said no, but that was fine as all I wanted was a drink.  She profusely apologised and I replied that is fine and she replied back that it should not have happened and apologised again. Business class service for you.

Breakfast was now being severed.  First off I had a tropical smoothie and then asked what I would like for my breakfast.  I decided upon the French Toast. Then I had some fresh fruit, which included; rockmelon, water melon, pineapple and dragon fruit.  I was also offered yogurt and cereal, but I declined.  Then was a selection of bread and croissants and just I had a croissant.

Cinnamon spiced brioche French toast with cinnamon yogurt and strawberry compote


This was very nice and I was very impressed.  The French toast was good and with the tartness of the yogurt and the sweetness of compote was awesome.

Overall the flight and service was great.  I could not believe how fast the flight went.  I am not sure if I can dread economy again.  It is such a different world up in Business Premier.  The full flat seat and actually being again to get some sleep and the meals were just great with excellent kiwi service.