IMG_2868So I had seen this place a few times after needing to buy supplies at Placemakers Kaiwharawhara for work.  I would have never thought that I would try this place out.  However two months ago I was reading the Capital Magazine and there was a little article about Lady Luck caravan parked in Placemakers Kaiwharawhara.  The magazine talked about their pies and slices and also the coffee.  I was overly surprised and after reading the article I thought i would give it a try.

Now me and one of my workmates have been trying to find a decent place for coffee around my work.  It was been very hard.  There is no where in Newlands.  We regularly went to Twiglands in Churton park,and most of the time they had good coffee.  If we were in Johnsonville we went to Nada Bakery, which was OK.

So one day I said to my work mate that I was going to take her to a new place for coffee, she was excited and desperately wanted to know where we were going.  It was hard to keep the surprise as I did not have a car that day and instead she had to drive.  So we went to Placemakers Kaiwharawhara drove in and ordered a coffee at Lady Luck.  I also did not have lunch so also ordered a Steak and Cheese Pie.  I was a bit hesitant on the pie as it was $5.50, a bit expensive for a pie without looking at it.  Once I saw it and then took a bit it was totally worth the $5.50 price tag. Every bit I had was meat and the gravy was actually non-existent.  The pie was moist and flavoursome, the cheese was great and the amount of meat was just amazing.  This pie was worth every penny.

While I was eating my pie the owners (a couple from Lyall Bay) we were talking about the other pies and one of them said that I had to try the bacon and egg pie.  I was keen but I was eating my beautiful steak and cheese pie.

Then our coffees arrived; trim flat whites.  These coffees were also amazing as they use 5 star Havana beans. The coffee was strong and flavoursome.

Since my first visit to Lady Luck, I have been numerous times and introduce the place to several of my work mates and other friends.  After the fourth visit, I finally manage to try their Bacon & Egg pie.  It took a while as every time I tried to go before hand they had sold out.  This pie was great, with lots of bacon and right in the middle a whole egg yolk.  Absolutely delicious!  I have also tried their sausage rolls and they are also very good and they have vegetables in them and their ordinary mince pie.  Well worth it.


Overall I am very impressed with this place.  Great coffee and great pies.  They also sell slices, muffins (which are also great) and sandwiches.  Lady Luck is well worth a visit and I also found out that they have a kitchen in Miramar, which they may open up in the near future.