So I went to Auckland last weekend.  It was going to be on the cheap as I am currently saving for my big trip in Sumer.  So I had to eat cheap even though I did pay for expensive tickets to Justin Timberlake and also did pay for a nice hotel.

So I spent three days there and I thought i would blog about my food experience in Auckland.  Now for starters Auckland is crazy for eateries.  There are so many places to eat especially asian places.  All kinds of asian; Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Korean.  You name it, Auckland most probably has it.

So I arrive in Auckland and my first place to eat was going to be Wendy’s Hamburgers.  I know it not gourmet but when there is no Wendy’s in Welly what are you going to do.  So I left my hotel and started to walk down to Queen Street.  However, I did a slight detour and went to Artium on Elliot first to look at the food court.  Now I have been there numerous times and usually have the Japanese, but I saw a place that made hand made noodles.  I have not had Hand made noodles for a very long time so I was very eager to try this place out.  So I ordered the Spicy Pork Noodles ($11).  However, me being me, I did not read it properly and it actually said Spicy Pork Stomach with Noodles.  Stupid me.  However, I have had stomach several times and it did not really scare me and I was actually interested to try something not usually ordered.  The noodle came pretty fast and they were really tasty.  The stomach was nice and tender and the noodle were really good.  However, it was made for the NZ palette and there was no real spice, luckily i got some extra chilli on the side before I left the counter.