Later that afternoon, i went to Giapo.  I have heard about this place in the Cuisine Magazine and other media outlets and wanted to try this place out.  I saw on a sign that it got an award for their Tiramisu flavour, so I thought I may order that.  I decided to go for two flavours.  Originally the Tiramisu and their chocolate.  I told the person behind the counter and she said you can try them first, so I did and I discovered that it was just going to be too heavy, so I asked if there were any fruit flavours and she said there was a raspberry and wine, I tasted it and decided to go with the Tiramisu and Raspberry and wine.  Now these guys just don’t put it in a cone or cup., they add a bit extra.  So on top of my Raspberry and Tiramisu I had a bit of chocolate gauche, a small chocolate and a piece of caramel popcorn on top with cocoa sprinkled on top.  This gelato was awesome.  The flavours were beautiful.  Totally awesome and was good that they put the Raspberry and wine on the bottom as it cleansed the palette.  My only one peeve was the cocoa, it went all over my clothes while trying to get through the tiramisu.  Gelato was $7.80 for two flavours.  Not bad for a dessert, but not going to go there all the time.