This place has only opened quite recently and I was wanting to give this place a try. A good sign that this place may be good as there are quite a few Japanese people trying this place out. This place is definitely marketed for the suits/lunch crowd and will be interesting if this place will open at night and during the weekend.

Tonkotsu Ramen


I suppose I am on a ramen quest at the moment or I just like soup with noodles. The soup is very flavoursum and has a lot of depth to it, from the bones and other stuff they use to make the broth. The noodles were nice but slightly over cooked for my liking as I like a bit more bite too my noodles. The pork belly unfortunately was too tasteful for me, it wasn’t the quantity of salt just the intense flavoring in the meat. The boiled egg however, was too salty and a bit too much for me. Added to the bowl were some bean sprouts, pickled ginger and spinach.

Overall was a nice bowel of ramen and will come back and try other dishes as it is quick and rather cheap. This place also has daily $10 lunch special which is good but I think it is mostly rice dished and not ramen. Basically the only place in Welly CBD, where you can get ramen, which hopefully will change. Will be great place to eat on those cold windy days though.


Katsu Chicken Don


So I went back the other day and tried their Katsu Chicken, which was the $10 Dish of the day.  I was very impressed.  The salad was very nice and fresh, and had a nice slightly sweet dressing on it, but the main star and it should be was the chicken.  The Katsu was freshly cooked and was crisp and succulent inside. Even though I have not been to Japan, this is the best Katsu chicken I have eatten.  The addition of the Japanese mayo was nice and I did have to add a bit of soya sauce to add a bit of salt to dish.  However, overall I was very impressed.