Lunchtime in Lambton Quay and I have no idea where to go for lunch.  “Groundskeeper Willie” and I do not work in the city and have no idea where to eat in this side of town and as “Pepper Potts” was going to join us as well, out comes our phones and the Entertainment Book app and Thunderbird appears, so we decide to go there.  This place was busy during lunch. We managed to get a table, originally a small table but one of the staff asked a table of two if they could move to the smaller table so we could take theirs and they said yes, which was nice.

Chocolate Milkshake



Decided to be a bit naughty and have a chocolate milkshake.  I do usually go for a thick shake, but they do not make them here.  Was a very nice milkshake with good flavour, but i did miss the consistency of a thick shake.

The Big Ed


The sandwich came out hot to touch, which I was impressed with.  The bun was grilled inside and the all the meat inside was warm.  The gherkin looked homemade and the melted cheese looked good, from first impressions.  Also inside the bun was; BBQ pulled pork, smoked beef brisket & Southern ham and melted cheese.  When eating  it together it worked really well, but I also decided to try the meat fillings individually. The ham was really nice, as was the brisket.  However, the pork was a dry and not great eating it by it self, which was a shame.  Overall a good sandwich if you want to try the different meats they smoke/cook.

Overall I can see why this place is busy during lunch.  It is not too expensive and the food comes out fast.  The service is good and has a more relaxed dinning experience compared to the other eateries on Featherstone Street.  Would I go again, sure why not.

Website; Thunderbird